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Zach Golden of Sanctuary Fitness LA on seizing opportunity – episode #9 of the Escape Your Limits podcast - Blog.

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Zach Golden of Sanctuary Fitness LA on seizing opportunity – episode #9 of the Escape Your Limits podcast

Finding sanctuary in something you love is important. For Zach, working out was his. Seeing the results of his effort enthused him for further physical gains before he turned the progress model from body to business.

Texas-born Zach was bred on an activity diet of American football, baseball and other sports. Not only a highly ranked athlete, he was also academically impressive – with both scholarships and physical ability coming second nature to him. An injury led him away from dreams of being a doctor to a love of helping others in another way, getting them back to their former prowess, and his newfound business mind led him on a journey to where he is today.

The founder and CEO of Sanctuary Fitness LA hasn’t had a straightforward career path, though. Through analyst roles, corporate project management and more, he’s always given a nod to nutrition and health, but has committed to creating a fitness space and community that’s gained hundreds of members and class bookings after just a short amount of time.


Escape Your Limits podcast episode highlights

  • How to deal with challenges that come out of nowhere to still succeed in the long run.
  • The importance of a business partner – or more than one – and how this will help you to work on the business rather than solely employing people to work in the business.
  • Measurements of success. What are you looking to provide for and get from your team, your customers, your business, your community, your industry, your family, your personal life and more, and how it all ties together.
  • How do you sell a vision to an investor to convey a business model, the USP, the revenue and expense plan, expansion options and, importantly, the passion.