The shifting trends of gym design - Escape Your Limits Growth Summit 2023.

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The shifting trends of Gym Design - Escape Your Limits Growth Summit 2023.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, we debate the shifting trends of gym design with industry experts Candace Pettit from Advantage Sport & Fitness, Edgars Bercis from G-Fitness, Gina Kerstye from AKI Fitness in Dubai, Yaw Mograbi from Watertree in Ghana and Mohammed Shammaa and Osama Aoun from Delta Fitness in Saudi Arabia.

Discussing what each expert is noticing across their individual markets, and placing predictions for future trends of note, this podcast highlights:

  • Increased fitness consultancy at the architectural design stage.
  • The shift from traditional cardio to free weights and functional.
  • The rise of the corporate gym for workforce wellbeing.
  • Why trainers are essential to promoting community.
  • An increase in women training in gym spaces.
  • The fitness boom taking Dubai by storm.

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