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Product releases.

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This pioneering piece of kit utilises the ‘loaded carry’, commonly known as the ‘Farmers Carry’, to target the Farm-Strong hat-trick – grip, hip and core strength, whilst also enabling a seamless, safe transition into a sled push to train power and metabolic conditioning.


The Multi Activity Resource Station (MARS) bridges the gap between equipment and education, making it possible for everyone to tap into a digital coach, optimizing training accessibility, safety and effectiveness for everyone on every visit.

Introducing the STAKRBELL

The ideal companion to the best-selling Deck 2.0, the STAKRBELL tucks away seamlessly in the integrated storage space, along with other equipment such as resistance bands, forming a self-contained training solution.

Introducing the CRUX

With its unique, easy-switch adjustable resistance system, the CRUX makes rope pulling accessible to all abilities, creating a training aid that enhances any workout, individual or a group of mixed abilities.