Product releases

Product releases.

Discover our latest product releases and innovations.

We give you added insight into our product releases, testing and behind the scenes innovation & development.

Free Weights Plates.

Whatever your lifting needs – technique, training or competition – our comprehensive collection of plates means there’s a solution for you.

Free Weights Kettlebells.

Escape’s range of kettlebells has an option to suit every workout intensity. From tough cross training gyms to chic, boutique PT studios.

Free Weights Dumbbells.

Our dumbbells have evolved over years with rigorous testing protocol to ensure we can boast the best on the market.


The Multiplyo is a great space-saving box, the perfect tool to introduce beginners to plyometric training.

Plyosoft Box.

The Plyosoft Box is performance driven boosting muscular power, an aspirational design and a variety of height configurations.

Plyosoft Box Black.

The Plyosoft Box Black is performance focused, making challenging, effective plyometric training accessible to all abilities.


With just one click, the adjustable BASE BENCH attachment pad unlocks a whole new range of pressing and pulling exercises. Clicking seamlessly onto the adjuster teeth of an Octagon the quick-fix pad helps maintain a solid base.


This pioneering piece of kit utilises the ‘loaded carry’, commonly known as the ‘Farmers Carry’, to target the Farm-Strong hat-trick – grip, hip and core strength, whilst also enabling a seamless, safe transition into a sled push to train power and metabolic conditioning.

Introducing the STAKRBELL.

The ideal companion to the best-selling Deck 2.0, the STAKRBELL tucks away seamlessly in the integrated storage space, along with other equipment such as resistance bands, forming a self-contained training solution.

Introducing the CRUX.

With its unique, easy-switch adjustable resistance system, the CRUX makes rope pulling accessible to all abilities, creating a training aid that enhances any workout, individual or a group of mixed abilities.