Mastering the beat of a rope to sting like a bee.

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Mastering the beat of a rope to Sting like a Bee.

In this week’s workout, David Weck teaches how to use the rhythm of a rope swing to encourage body movements that optimize performance.

In this week’s workout, David Weck – biomechanist, inventor and creator of The WeckMethod – teaches how to use the ‘beat’ of a rope swing to train the body to learn movement patterns that promote optimal performance.

Weck has spent the last thirty years developing The WeckMethod – a fitness ecosystem to help athletes become more in-tune with the way their body moves so they can apply learnings to optimize training outcomes.

In addition to developing unique products including RMT Club®, RMT Rope®, ProPulse® Speed Trainers and SoleSteps®, the WeckMethod also delivers athletic training programmes that trains rotational and vertical movements, ultimately improving the body’s mechanics, strength and balance.

In this video, Weck invites Escape founder Matthew Januszek into his purpose built WeckMethod Lab to teach:

  • How to use a simple rope to learn optimal rotational movement patterns.
  • Weaponizing the rope to weaponize the body.
  • How to Fix back pain through rope work that neutralizes the spine.
  • The frequency of performing featured movement patterns for optimal effect.
  • How skipping promotes ‘head over foot’ locomotion.
  • The prevention of non-contact injuries.

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