Winning Mr Olympia with Symmetry & Proportion Over Size.

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Winning Mr Olympia with Symmetry and Proportion over Size.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest is ‘The King of Consistency’, Danny Hester.

From an early age, Danny used discipline to excel at an early age at school and in sport where he enjoyed wrestling, gymnastics and martial arts. A self-confessed ‘lone wolf’, he rates hard work and consistency as the key to success and prides himself on a competitive mindset which has forced him to face life head on.

Pursuing his passion, Danny moved to Venice to follow a career in bodybuilding and quickly became more interested in perfecting the symmetrical ‘classic’ physique rather than the ‘mass monster’ look. He dedicated his training to this, and after winning a number of competitions, became the first to take home the title of Mr. Olympia Classic in 2016.

A man on a mission, and keen to make lasting positive change, Danny is now focusing on goals he has in law enforcement and politics.

In this podcast, Danny talks about:

  • Why life is the biggest stage on which to win.
  • Competing to learn, until you’ve learnt enough to win.
  • Why hard work and consistency are the secret to success.
  • The depression that came after winning Mr. Olympia.
  • The debate on drugs, Trenbolone and mental health.
  • Why he will never say he’s retired.
  • His aspirations in law enforcement and politics.

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