4 Key Biomarkers to Improve Health & Longevity.

4 Key Biomarkers to Improve Health & Longevity.

Our guest to the podcast today is Oliver Patrick, a Physiologist and leading expert in lifestyle management. He speaks widely on the application of wellbeing strategies and consults to businesses and individuals around the world.

Oliver was Head of Physiology at Nuffield Hospitals where he led the largest team of applied physiologists, wellbeing advisors and nutritionists in the UK. In 2009, he co-founded Viavi on London’s Harley St, to deliver the world’s most advanced health assessment and health evaluation service. Alongside advanced health assessments, he co-founded the first Lifestyle medicine gym in Oxford.

Oliver now runs a corporate wellbeing consultancy service and has founded an industry specific education platform to drive practical coaching skills in the broader undervalued areas of lifestyle particularly stress, sleep, toxicity and mindset.

Today, we discuss the 4 key things to change physically to reap the best biological benefits, the multifactorial approach to wellbeing – in terms of the physical, mental and emotional aspects and the opportunities the fitness industry needs to grasp quickly in order to better impact the lifestyles of its customers.

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • The biggest factor that determines how well you live and how well you feel comes down to lifestyle
  • Do we lose muscle as we age, or do we age because we lose muscle?
  • The science behind why strength training is so key in weight management
  • How improving gut function can positively impact mood stability
  • Exercise is a stress, a lot of people are overdosing
  • A healthy mindset and a purpose is essential to wellbeing
  • If you don’t measure effectiveness, you don’t know where you’re ineffective
  • The fitness profession not having enough exposure to older, unfit people
  • The fitness industry needing to offer workouts that also augment recovery progression
  • The fitness industry needing to understand its outcomes better

Oliver Patrick on the Escape Your Limits podcast.