Increasing Longevity with Nutrition with Neal Spruce.

Increasing Longevity with Nutrition with Neal Spruce.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, we interview Neal Spruce, the CEO of dotFIT, and the former owner of the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Growing up, Spruce was surrounded by fitness and turned his lifelong passion into his career. When owning the National Academy of Sports Medicine, he revolutionized the business by turning it into the global leader in providing evidence-based certifications, fitness solutions, and advanced credentials to health, sports- performance, and fitness professionals.

He moved on to wanting to help people find holistic solutions tin their fitness journey’s and created dotFIT, which focuses on filling nutritional gaps and providing evidence-based programs.

Spruce focuses on informing people how to fulfill their nutritional gaps, the differentiation between health span, life span, and play span, and growing a business in what one is passionate about.

Learn more about dotFIT here:
Learn more about Fibr here:


Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • Average life span of humans evolving.
  • Nutrient gaps that can be filled.
  • The pandemic tying in to nutrition.
  • How to fill gaps in nutrition.
  • Faults in trying to loose fat in the gym.
  • dotFIT’s niche selling channels.
  • How to figure out which supplement companies are telling the truth.
  • How to measure how much protein and fish oil to take.
  • What Fibr is, and how it can help the fitness world.
  • Entrepreneurial success and the mentality behind it.


Neil Spruce on the Escape Your Limits podcast.

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