The RēCOVER Approach: Revolutionizing the Way You Live, Work and Move with Dr. Rick Richey.

The RēCOVER Approach: Revolutionizing the Way You Live, Work and Move with Dr. Rick Richey.

On week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, our guest today is the winner of IDEA World Convention for 2022’s Personal Trainer of the Year.

Dr. Rick Richey co-founded reCOVER, where he helps individuals through treatments that revolve around two dimensions of recovery: restoring your body & rebooting your mind. His team’s purpose is to be personal, intentional, and educated to facilitate a 5-star recovery experience.

He also hosts one of the most popular podcasts- The NASM-CPT Podcast with Rick Richey – where he takes listeners on an informative and engaging journey to help establish a solid foundation in their fitness path.

Today, he shares his thoughts on:

  • The transformation of personal training over the years, and why virtual training has become a hot commodity
  • Top tips to help get into a consistent workout routine
  • And the latest research on the combination of recovery & mental health leading to more fulfilled fitness goals

To learn more about RēCOVER, click here!

To listen to The NASM-CPT Podcast with Rick Richey, click here!

Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • The emotional motion of bridging mental health and fitness
  • His point of view of how personal training has evolved over the course of his career
  • Focusing on movement before launching into a fitness plan
  • Why doing things you love help improve your fitness journey
  • Consistency being the most important factor when it comes to personal training
  • How the new personal training methods are more effective for clients than ever before
  • How social media should be seen as an advantage in fitness instead of being seen as a disadvantage
  • Why virtual training is still popular after society has opened its doors back up