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Fitness in the community is a more than just a pastime, it’s a social responsibility. YMCAs around the country know this, and now they have even better access to the best fitness offerings.

The YMCA is the largest provider of group exercise classes for all ages, all levels and all interests in the US. As the benefit of functional fitness grows and awareness increases around the world, the organization is embracing healthy living more than ever for benefits at every level.

Escape has partnered with YPG, a group with the mission to lower costs on items and services that its YMCA vendor members use every day. YPG aims to enhance member operations by assuring superior quality and service, and this partnership allows more YMCAs to have access to stand-out fitness spaces that inspire communities, improve wellbeing and offer more.

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The group providing the biggest benefits for the YMCA community

In celebration of the new partnership, Escape spoke to Jody Shaikun, VP of operations at YPG to understand the initiative that’s bringing functional fitness to Y communities coast-to-coast in the USA.

“Ypurchasing is a national purchasing co-op exclusively for the benefit of YMCAs,” Jody tells us. “We negotiate pricing on many different programs to ensure YMCAs receive the best price, quality and service from our vendor partners.

“We chose Escape as a preferred partner as Escape has a very good concept and business model that aligned with what we want to bring to our members.”

It’s a partnership that benefits everyone involved, as vendor members and their customers, get the best fitness equipment with the least resistance throughout the buying process. It’s all about relationship-building, as Jody explains:

“YPG members get pre-negotiated low rates based on our volume of 136 (and growing) association. They will receive personal introductions to our partners, which helps to eliminate cold calling for the vendor and the intrusion for the customer.”


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