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Work out with less gym equipment: resistance band replacement - Blog.

The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

Work out with less gym equipment: resistance band replacement

Training with a resistance band offers a great workout, but one downside is that you have to  buy, replace or refit different resistance bands every time you progress or switch movements.

George-Anthony of Brainstorm Fitness gives us his expertise, opinion and favourite workout moves from the ultimate resistance band replacement, the VECTOR.

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"One of my favorite things about the VECTOR is that one piece replaces so many resistance bands. I look for a seamless transition from one exercise or set to the next, increasing resistance. The VECTOR allows us to do that just by the simple turn of a dial.

"Whether it's upper body, lower body, push, pull, core movements... The VECTOR allows us to do all of that, simply by being able to anchor it at different points. Also, the ability to change the resistance is so simple."

- George-Anthony Dulal-Whiteway, founder of Brainstorm Fitness.

Favorite VECTOR resistance band workouts.

Some of George-Anthony's favorite movements to perform with the VECTOR are listed below, and he also explains why it's so important to progressions and regressions in every workout for clients and gym members.

  • Seated lat pulldown (high anchor point)
  • Assisted pistol squat (high anchor point)
  • Traditional row (low anchor point)
  • Step and punch (mid anchor point)

"I try to look at things through three different lenses: one as a practitioner, one as a coach, and one as a business owner.

"If the piece of equipment that I select can't be used by every single one of my clients, or if I can't have progressions and regressions for every single thing, then I won't include it in my space. For us it's a lot more about working smart; then working hard."

Who is George-Anthony?

George-Anthony of Brainstorm Fitness in San Diego is a former drill instructor with keen attention to detail. In his Escape Rockstars episode he explains how his philosophy is to make you better at things out of the gym.


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