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Welcome to our toughest group training programme ever - Blog.

The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

Welcome to our toughest group training programme ever

Keeping members excited about group training is a problem many clubs face today and one you may be familiar with. Functional training has the potential to be the basis for awesome group workouts, however there is a lack of ready to run programmes that make the best of this potential.

To combat this we have developed a military based functional training programme. It lets clubs offer their members a boot camp edge to functional fitness that they will love.

With the help from two ex-army officers, BATTLE FIT delivers high quality workouts that’ll leave members feeling driven, motivated and ready to take on the world.

Introducing BATTLE FIT

Boot camp style classes have become a solid contender in the fitness world. This is because people are always looking for ways of upping their gym game and feeling the buzz that can be achieved through the social interaction of working as a team.

So, let’s start by giving those of you who haven’t heard of BATTLE FIT a little background knowledge. Essentially a team-based functional training programme, BATTLE FIT is based around high-intensity 35-minute workouts.

Tapping into the popularity of fitness boot camps, it aims to push participants past their comfort zone to reach fitness levels they never knew they had. As well as this, having the support of the group keeps the energy level high and motivates participants to break through their barriers and experience an extreme workout.

BATTLE FIT has been designed and developed by Jon Reynolds and David Cooke, two former serving British Army Officers and founders of Military Fitness Training (MFT). Created to mimic the gruelling workouts military cadets are faced with, Jon and David incorporated the physical and psychological demands of army style workouts into BATTLE FIT to help members reach their goals rapidly, in a safe and controlled environment.

David comments: “BATTLE FIT requires team work to complete a mission against a common enemy - the instructor. Humans only ever work to 70% of their max unless they are elite athletes or military; the BATTLE FIT training programme style pushes participants harder than most other group classes.

“The non-repetitive multi plane nature of the exercises using Escape’s functional equipment, means people get fitter and stronger for everyday life without injury that comes from repetitive sagittal movement.”

What’s included?

This ‘business in a box’ solution is an all-in-one package with training, programming, operations and marketing support all included. This ensures consistency of delivery and results for members, leading to an improved retention rate for clubs. This comprehensive programming package also allows clubs to get up and running fast, providing up to two years of programming.

Also included are instruction manuals for trainers, 35-minute workouts, fitness tests, product-specific training workshops and an exercise library covering all of the workout components. This is all available as video on the Escape Training portal, and backed up by an impressive set of binders in a well-presented box.

The benefits

There are several benefits in implementing BATTLE FIT into your club. By investing in BATTLE FIT, your club or personal training business will get instant access to everything you need to run this adrenaline-charged programme for your members and clients.

Let’s take a look at three of the main advantages in bringing BATTLE FIT to your club.


Group classes such as Les Mills BODYPUMP or CrossFit require large amounts of equipment, often too heavy to take outside of the studio.

This is where BATTLE FIT differs. The essential equipment used within a typical class is easily transported; meaning you can take the BATTLE FIT experience into any part of the club, or outdoors for an even more invigorating experience.

Why not take BATTLE FIT on the road and hold army style boot camp experiences for locals to enjoy? This way your club benefits in more ways than one and enables people to experience BATTLE FIT, even if they aren’t regular gym goers.


Many clubs use their personal trainers to set up group classes. This can be problematic as once the member of staff leaves the business they take that class with them. But with BATTLE FIT, for a one-off cost the club will own the programme, allowing you full access to the numerous workouts and product education along the way.


There’s no doubt that members are tapping into the growing demand for functional fitness. If you’re a business owner you will probably be aware that the quality of group classes is not growing at the same rate.

BATTLE FIT allows members to use their favourite products from the gym floor, to unleash the athlete inside. As a favourite class amongst many Escape Fitness employees, we have seen first-hand how team spirit pushes through physical and physiological boundaries, leaving you in a state of triumph and accomplishment.

David Cooke comments: “BATTLE FIT is the socialisation of fitness... it's easy to break a relationship with a single instructor or faceless customer service guy, but much harder to break up with your team once you develop the bond.

“A lot of gyms want innovative and unique equipment like Escape’s but no one knows how to use it. So it's a massive cost for equipment to sit in corners getting dusty. BATTLE FIT makes sure that your equipment will be used to its full potential. It’s also a brilliant way to educate customers so they can train differently.”

BATTLE FIT launched with great success

This year we saw the Escape team take the military style programme across the globe to world leading fitness events such as IHRSA and FIBO. Stand visitors were very excited to experience the programme alongside our master trainers.

As an intense workout, BATTLE FIT is not for the faint hearted. We were thrilled to see the crowd throw themselves into the action and ramp up the energy levels of the stand during both shows.

Now let’s hand over to our Head of Education and Programming Tommy Matthews who will tell you more in this promo video filmed at FIBO 2017…


Is your club ready for BATTLE FIT?

If you think your club would benefit from introducing this awesome training programme to your members please find out more here or get in touch.

You can email us at [email protected] or give us a call on:

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