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Strength, sweat and style with elegant gym design - Blog.

The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

Strength, sweat and style with elegant gym design

Your gym design doesn't have to work hard to be the best place for hard work. Strength, sweat and style can combine for an elegant fitness space that stands out above all others.

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Work out in style.

Putting the work in at a design stage will mean that your fitness space can be a subtle place for the hardest of workouts.

“Not every space has to work hard in order to be powerful,” explains Christopher Eyre, head of direct sales for Escape. “In this gym design, the customer wanted something that fit her style, while being cutting edge.

“Escape can take that image from your head and bring it to life.”

Fitness is all about the experience.

Concept to completion partnerships make a vision a reality. Visit the Escape gym design page to find out how sweat and sophistication can come together for your best member experience.

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