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Strategies to help juggle the work-life balance - Blog.

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Strategies to help juggle the work-life balance

Co-owner Donnie Middleton and his team at Precision Fit Labs in Texas have built a unique offering, putting together a workout, recovery element and an athletic element into one building one location.

Influencing a lot of the workouts and the emotion that you would feel during exercise through colours, LEDs, essential oils and scents pumped into the room, this space is giving members a whole new fitness experience.

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Scale up your 1-2-1 fitness experience.

“I've been in the industry for about 19 years,” explains Donnie. “I was looking for an all around unique way to deliver all the things that I do as a personal trainer. In a group-like environment, Escape allowed me the opportunity to get multiple dimensions; multiple exercises done in one station and move it throughout the whole station with multiple different sections of my gym and studio being utilised at one time.

Accessible from amateur to athlete.

“This space allows for a very structured very programme; a very deliberate motion for every client, from a beginner that's never lifted weights to someone that's been in college, and they're getting ready to go off into playing football, or soccer or baseball or anything like that.

“I explained that to Escape and they listened to my vision of what I saw the fitness industry going towards. They put it together with unique racks, unique elements of colour and selection of equipment, and the placement of the equipment to flow with the style of programming that I would deliver to my customers.

All about the experience.

“I enjoy having a customer come in here and have a really good experience. The members are highly satisfied; you have to create a fun entertaining environment that people are willing to come back to over and over again. And with the elements in the colours, changing lives, it actually creates an ambience of different creative energy throughout the workout.

“I mean, this is totally the element of an Instagram-worthy post. So when you come in here, you can have fun with your family, you can have fun with your friends, you can you can invite a lot of people in, you can get a serious workout in – you have all the elements to do that here.

“Escape allowed me to be a little bit more free and gave me the the elements that I needed to be successful in the fitness business.”

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