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    Anxiety can strike anyone at any time, particularly under the pressure of business responsibilities or fitness for the body conscious. Whether in the office or in the gym, the queen of positivity, motivation and inspirational quotes, Petra Kolber, has explored her own reasons for feeling low in life and shared how she overcame them. She discusses these in depth in her episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast with Matthew Januszek.

    Below, Petra explains how to stay happy and not only love what you do, but love who you are as a person doing it. Whether it’s anxiety over what you feel you’re expected to know, or worries that stem further back in your life to negativity bias or another source, Petra’s positivity will change your life.

    You’re not the only person with self-esteem issues

    “You don’t need a rock hard body to rock your life. You need rock hard self-esteem, a rock hard mindset, a rock hard belief in your purpose and your passion.

    “I’ve had this incredible career, but I’ve had this imposter syndrome that came with me for so long until I started to talk about it. I realised that 70% or 80% of the people I talked to, including some of the people I revered, also felt that way.

    “I didn’t have a Master’s and a PhD, and I talk about this very openly now, and I had been positioned as a fitness expert. I never call myself that, but the news did and Reebok did. So this word ‘expert’, to me, felt like I had to have these credentials. I didn’t! So I always felt like I was going to get called out and that they’d ask me a question that I don’t know.

    “I’d forgotten all that I had; all my enthusiasm and my love of people and how I inspire people. I’d put all that aside and all I could focus on what: what if they ask you a kinesiology thing. That wasn’t what I was up presenting, but I was afraid that because I didn’t know every single thing about the body and every single thing about biomechanics that I might get caught out.”


    Where does negativity come from?

    “I believe it was because in my early formative years, I had people that told me ‘you’re not enough, you’re not smart, you’re never going to make it.’ Self-esteem is just like a muscle. For many people out there coaching, you’re also a self-esteem coach. It’s like functional training. You sometimes have to isolate things and fix them.

    “Sometimes the weakest link is not even the body. I went back to school for positive psychology and now I know what it is – it’s my negativity bias. As humans, we’re conditioned because our ancestors had to focus on the negatives to keep them alive.

    “Those thoughts were my fears trying to keep me protected. But what it did was keep me small and keep me separated from doing work that mattered in the world and take risks. Now I know what that is and I can look at it as an interesting thought, even as opposed to a good thought or a bad thought.”