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    Move It goes straight into CBI's 'Quartet of innovation' for group training - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Move It goes straight into CBI's 'Quartet of innovation' for group training

    Group training has gone from strength to strength across the industry in 2016. Clubs everywhere are looking for new ways to give their customers a great group experience.

    So we were delighted that Escape’s MOVE IT group training programme was chosen as one of ‘An Innovative Programming Quartet’ in the December issue of Club Business International (CBI) magazine. CBI is published by IHRSA and is the world's leading magazine for the health and fitness industry, read by nearly 24,000 health club professionals in 80 countries.

    It’s all about the challenge

    CBI contributing editor Lilly Prince looked at how club operators, owners and fitness directors are looking for ways to engage with members more intensely, more completely and more deeply. Lilly suggested that the answer is all about giving members new challenges that stimulate them physically, mentally and emotionally.

    The feature showcased MOVE IT and three other picks:

    Indo-Row and Circuit Row, indoor rowing group programmes from BURN Fitness in Boston where participants work as partners, in teams or entire crews. It's an experience that captures all the qualities of on-water rowing, with a strong competitive element.

    Hip-Hop Cycle from Santa Fe Thrive in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is a class that throbs to the beat of music, blending cycling and dance for an experience that's 'for people who aren't afraid to push their limits'.

    A 3D-style programme using PRAMA technology from Dublin-based West Wood Club. Using a touchscreen app, trainers activate lighting and music to create a constantly-changing challenge for members.

    Tommy Matthews, Escape’s Head of Education and Programming, developed MOVE IT and was quoted as saying: “There’s a great need for programming for functional training equipment. This simple, effective training system enables one coach or trainer to work with large numbers of people, and still focus on good technique and instruction.”

    He also points out one of the benefits to clubs of a packaged programming solution: “Many operators are hesitant to invest in their trainers. If one of them develops a successful programme and leaves they’ve lost the programme and its fans. However, because the club owns the MOVE IT programme, it can simply train new instructors without a break in continuity or consistency.”

    Five reasons that MOVE IT is proving a hit

    MOVE IT is the first programme in what will become a wide range of group exercise packages from Escape. It gives clubs everything they need to turn some floorspace and training equipment into a superb HIIT group training programme.

    Many members of the Escape team have been working out with MOVE IT, and here are our five favourite things about it:

    It’s HIIT. Anyone who hasn’t tried high intensity interval training is in for a treat. No matter how fit you think you are, moving on from other forms of training to HIIT brings you a whole new sense of fun, challenge and achievement.

    Everyone can take part. People of all fitness levels can take part in the same session. A relative beginner and a seasoned athlete can work out together, with a feeling of team work and support.

    There are two versions: MOVE IT 30 and MOVE IT 45. Sometimes our workout time is limited, so it’s great that MOVE IT comes in both 30 and 45-minute versions.

    It incorporates several training tools. For anyone used to working out with the same machine for 30 minutes or more at a time, MOVE IT is a revelation. In a single session, you can use several pieces of equipment: one minute you’re swinging a Bulgarian Bag, the next you’re jumping you way over some Adjustment Hurdles.

    You get moving – in every direction. MOVE IT is all about movement, with every workout based around multi-joint, multi-planar movements. That’s good for developing mobility and for achieving 80% of maximum heart rate to push you into a level of post-exercise oxygen consumption that burns calories hard during and after the workout.

    But most of all, in the words of one MOVE IT disciple: “It’s a total blast!”

    MOVE IT: programming in a box

    When we say that MOVE IT is a programming package we mean it – clubs get this fantastic suite of materials, all delivered in a smart box:

    • Programme principles manual – the MOVE IT philosophy and training method explained.
    • How-to guide – a detailed guide to launching and running a successful MOVE IT programme.
    • Exercise library – dozens of exercises explained in words and pictures.
    • Workouts - 24 sessions each for MOVE IT 45 and MOVE IT 30.
    • Bonus workouts – 30 different bonus sessions for even more variety.
    • Fitness testing – six fitness tests to track development for regular participants.

    Move It Business in a box

    This is backed up by superb online content including PDFs of the training manuals and access to seven Product Training Workshops, which give detailed instruction on how to get the most from Escape’s Bulgarian Bag, Kettlebells, Corebag, Sandbag, Core Momentum Trainer, GRIPR and Ridge/Foam Rollers.

    The package also includes specially-filmed videos of all 24 MOVE IT workouts, the fitness tests and warm-up and cool-down exercises. In addition, clubs can choose to upgrade to onsite face-to-face training from a MOVE IT Master Trainer.

    Move it

    Clubs can order MOVE IT now

    Clubs around the world are launching MOVE IT with great success. Some of the first to run MOVE IT have been in New Zealand, North America, the UK and the Middle East. By adopting the MOVE IT package, your club will be giving members access to workouts that will inspire and motivate them for the long term.

    To find out more, get in touch with us at sales@escapefitness.com or call us:

    UK: +44 (0)1733 313 535

    USA: +1 (614)-706-4462

    Germany: +49 (0)2921 590 10 70