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Level Up Personal Training in Small Group Settings - Blog.

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Level Up Personal Training in Small Group Settings

The World of Tennis Sports Complex in Austin, TX offers its members some incredible amenities.

The Elevation Performance Studio is definitely one of them!

We recently completed this massive gym design project with ClubCorp, which was headed up by our expert designer, Christopher Eyre.

To set the facility apart, Escape renovated an old space to custom fit every need they had when it came to personal training in a small group setting.

Here's a glimpse of the new space.

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Serious effort requires serious equipment that won’t quit before members do.

This facility is packed with Escape's functional kit, each piece selected to attack a different aspect of fitness – be it strength, speed, endurance, or explosive power.

  • Free weights
  • Octagon frames
  • Dumbbell storage racks
  • Kettlebells
  • Speed training
  • Quad Sled
  • Reaction Pro Bounders
  • Flooring
  • Boxing
  • TIYRs
  • Bulgarian Bags
  • Corebags
  • BOSU Pro Balance Trainers

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