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How music pushes you to achieve more in your workouts - Blog.

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How music pushes you to achieve more in your workouts

Walk into almost any well-being facility and it is likely there will be music playing in the club, gym or studio. Music plays a prominent role in exercise and training for individuals and for group workouts and can help you to achieve more in your workouts as it sets the tone and pace immediately psychologically preparing participants for their exercise session.

Sometimes music can play the main role, alongside an instructor, in a workout. Popular classes like Les Mills’ BODYPUMP™ and BODYATTACK™ are heavily centred on their soundtracks, and users even have the option to suggest a song to add to the playlist.

So we wanted to look a little further into how music not only plays a large part in many people’s day-to-day lives, but also when they’re in the gym and working out.

How music pushes you to achieve more in your workouts

Some international athletes are renowned for their desire to listen to music before their competition. Olympian and World Record holder, Michael Phelps, is renowned for leaving the changing rooms and walking to the poolside with his headphones on. Many football players leave their team’s bus with headphones on and hundreds of other professionals swear by their chosen tracks before they compete to get them into the competitive zone. So what fuels us to listen to music before or during a workout?

Music helps people exercise to a beat, and this can help motivate them through their workout.

Settling into a beat during a workout may help to maintain performance, and could even help coaches and trainers set a pace for their clients or athletes. It is suggested that a ‘natural’ beat is 120 bpm (two beats per second) and if asked to tap their fingers or walk, many people will unconsciously fall into this rhythm. What’s more, 74,000 songs produced between 1960 and 1990 were analysed and 120 bpm was found to be the most common pulse.

It definitely seems there is a correlation between pace of performance and the music being listened to. When running, some people tend to prefer music around 160bpm, but the optimum beat is reported to be around 145bpm, and anything higher does not seem to contribute any more motivation. Many class sessions such as Zumba® and BODYPUMP use a music beat as the basis of their exercises and this can help participants keep up and stay motivated, even when they’re getting tired.

How music pushes you to achieve more in your workouts

Music can help distract from the ‘pain’ or discomfort of exercise, or motivate members through.

It’s no secret that pushing for that last rep or the final 20 seconds of a plank can be a painful challenge. Motivational lyrics or an up-tempo beat can help take your mind off exercising to concentrate on the music, helping completion of tough movements.

Other aspects of the music may be the trigger for improved performance or increased exercise output. Lyrics can propel some people to push through their sessions when they are listening to their favourite playlist. There is a thin line between giving up and persevering when things are difficult, and the right music track may be the catalyst for success.

Music adds to our leisure time when we’re at the gym.

Isn’t it time working out was seen as leisure time, and not a chore? After spending numerous hours at work, the gym is a chance to get moving, de-stress and focus on yourself. If you’re a big music fan, having time to work out and listen to music helps you make the most of this leisure time. Pick your favourite playlist or put on a new album and get going.

How music pushes you to achieve more in your workouts

At Escape Fitness, we love to get into the gym and turn the music up. We asked the Escape team to list their three favourite songs to work out to and we have put these into a Spotify playlist. Feel free to check it out and use it for your next gym session.

Keep an eye on the latest Escape Fitness News. Soon we will be telling you about some brand new programming that is based around music.