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    Grab your partner for a full-on heavy medball workout - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Grab your partner for a full-on heavy medball workout

    Your latest Workout of the Week (WOW) is a chance to have some team and partner based fun with medballs. Escape’s Tommy Matthews has pieced together five exercises that are fantastic for balance, agility, hand eye coordination and rotational core strength.

    Take your pick from five great moves

    There’s maximum flexibility with this WoW. You can choose the reps and sets for your style of workout, or circuit them all together to make a fun, engaging cardio blast. Whatever the case, choose a medball that‘s small enough to allow for the type of fast throws and catches featured in the video.

    Watch the video, then check out the notes below:

    The five exercises featured in the WoW are as follows:

    • Side Lunge Catch and pass (inside and outside leg catch).
    • One Arm Putt.
    • Side Lunge One Arm Putt.
    • Side Hop One Arm Putt.
    • Speed Skater Catch and Pass.

    Like what you see? Get the right kit for this workout

    We used the Escape VERTMINI medball for these exercises. It’s small enough to allow for fast passes and catches, but heavy enough to challenge even the most athletic of clients. And it’s about to get even more challenging with the launch of five additional weights to the range: 6kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg and 10kg.

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