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Functional Frames That Stand Out in a Crowd. - Blog.

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Functional Frames That Stand Out in a Crowd.

There's one piece of equipment that captures user attention like no other — the Octagon.

The Octagon Range of training frames is at the core of Escape's approach to functional and performance-based training, allowing users to combine exciting workout experiences with effective programming.

Whether your gym, boutique studio, hotel, or multi-family housing complex is big or small, and regardless of users' fitness abilities, our Octagon frame range offers a comprehensive, and fully customisable solution to optimise any space.

Available to order now! Standard Octagon lead times apply.

Note: The equipment shown is not included with this frame configuration, but gives you a good idea of frame usage.

Escape's Octagon Frames Stand Out from the Rest.

Fitness rigs offer endless training possibilities and serve as an attachment for functional training equipment of all kinds. The Octagon frame range is known for individual adaptability and space efficiency. It's the perfect solution for every space!

Featured Designs: Custom Boxing Frame, Custom HIT HUB with Target Wall.


Transform the Way You Train.

The Octagon frame range delivers dynamic and challenging workouts, even for the most experienced users.

Featured Design: Custom Half Squad with 5 Individual Bays.


Strength, Power, and Muscular Endurance.

When users are looking to develop strength, power, muscular endurance, and all-around physical fitness, this frame delivers something special. The emphasis is on weight training, with individual stations that allow users to focus on their technique and performance.

Featured Design: Custom Double-Sided Freestanding Combo Frame.


Functional and Comprehensive High Performance Athletic Training.

Bring any space to life with our expertly designed functional, high performance frames. We're here to help you take functional workouts to the next level by maximising group sessions and suspension training.

Featured Design: Custom Octagon Hub Training System (HTS) with BOA Rail.


Partner with Escape to Create Your Ultimate Fitness Experience.

Interested in what our team can design for your club or facility? The Octagon frame range is available as free-standing solutions or as space-saving, wall-mounted frames.

We can also create a comprehensive floor plan, including visualizations to give you a better understanding of what your new training space will look like.

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