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Exercise anywhere with this Rachel Morgan workout - Blog.

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Exercise anywhere with this Rachel Morgan workout

Exercise can be done anywhere when you know what you need to do. This 15-minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout using only your bodyweight and a Bulgarian bag is a great example, courtesy of trainer Rachel Morgan.

Take a look at the movements below or just follow the workout on video. Don't forget to shop for any gym equipment you need, or simply find an alternative around the home.

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What gym equipment do I need?

Rachel Morgan performs this workout using bodyweight moves and one item of fitness equipment – the Bulgarian bag.

The Bulgarian bag is an incredibly versatile workout tool, allowing you to spin, press, pull and perform barbell-like movements to full-body benefit. In this workout, however, the only exercises you need to use the bag for are rows and lunges.

If you don't have a Bulgarian bag, you could substitute it in the workout for a weighted rucksack or other household alternative.

The Rachel Morgan workout.

Every minute on the minute, perform:

  • 8 burpees.
  • 12 hollow rocks.
  • 24 mountain climbers.
  • 12 Bulgarian bag rows.
  • 8 Bulgarian bag lunges.


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