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Dude Perfect – five college friends who took their passion for fun, tied it to their convictions, and created a thriving business – has become a worldwide phenomenon. Located in Frisco, Texas, friends Cory, Cody, Tyler, Coby and Garrett of Dude Perfect are known for amazing trick shots and entertaining competitive challenges. For their headquarters, along with discovering a new way to use fitness equipment, they required a unique staff workout space for training in-between filming YouTube videos seen by billions.

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Marathon Fitness, Escape and the Dudes… Perfect.

Together Marathon Fitness and Escape worked to provide employees with the “perfect” fitness mezzanine to keep the dudes performing at their peak. Marathon Fitness incorporated strength and cardio equipment along with numerous Escape Fitness functional fitness tools including Bulgarian Bags, GRIPRs, Medballs, Slamballs, Plyosoft Boxes and an Escape Octagon QUAD Frame as the space’s focal centrepiece. All helping the dudes train for the physical demands of their work plus to encourage employees to workout.

Muscle memory for those trick shots.

As Dude Perfect’s main product – videos – is based around performing incredible trick shots, it requires dexterity, strength, speed, and agility… Functional fitness. This functional training space for the headquarters has been ideal and also essential in meeting this challenge. Like Escape, Dude Perfect sets out to escape their limits and they go beyond anything imaginable.

Take the tour of Dude Perfect HQ2

An exciting fitness project.

“From the outset, our main goal was to help the Dude Perfect team train better for the movements of life to support their taking everyday activities and turning them into the fun, almost reality-defying videos,” Christa Davis, President, Marathon Fitness. “It’s exciting to work with a client that even Huffington Post says is one of hottest sensations on the internet.”

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