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    Crazy Two Hand - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Crazy Two Hand

    Our new-look WoW series continues to bring you everything you need to perfect some of the most exciting, exhilarating, and challenging fitness routines. We’ve stripped our new-look WoWs to their core so you get a targeted, power-packed how-to guide in sixty seconds flat.

    This week, our master trainer Tommy Matthews brings you the Crazy Two Hand. Is this the single best all-round exercise out there? Give it a go and see what you think.

    The Crazy Two Hand is a complex of movements that couldn’t be any more challenging for the neuromuscular system. Just click to watch and then follow these steps…

    1. Perform a one arm snatch to raise the barbell above the head.

    1a. Hold the mid point of the bar with one arm and check the weight is balanced.

    1b. Drive up through the legs, extending the ankle, knee and hip.

    1c. Pull the arm upwards and lock out the arm above the head whilst stabilising the bar.

    2. Perform a windmill to reach for the kettlebell.

    2a. Hitch the hip to the side and slowly lower the arm towards the kettlebell.

    2b. Keep the other arm locked out and allow the shoulder to twist to maintain a stable joint position.

    3. Curl the kettlebell to the chest.

    3a. Grip the kettlebell and lower the elbow as close to the floor as possible.

    3b. Lift the kettlebell off the floor bringing it towards the chest.

    3c. Start to stand upright keeping the bar above the head and the kettlebell at the chest.

    4. Lift the kettlebell overhead.

    4a. Once upright again, stabilise the bar and then press the kettlebell above the head.

    5. Return the kettlebell to the ground.

    5a. Once both the kettlebell and barbell are above the head, you can start to return them to the floor.

    5b. Lower the kettlebell to the chest.

    5c. Hitch the hip and lower the body to the floor.

    5d. Place the kettlebell on the floor and return to standing.

    6. Perform a Turkish Get Up to get the barbell to the floor.

    6a. Perform the lowering phase of the Turkish Get Up to get the barbell back to the ground.

    Just one repetition of this on each side per set will be enough to get some great training going. To begin with, use a weight you’re comfortable with and then progress by increasing the weight gradually on each set.

    Next time: we go total body

    Join us next time when we bring you a total body conditioning workout that’ll challenge cardio fitness and muscular endurance.