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    Bring the outdoor obstacle race experience inside - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Bring the outdoor obstacle race experience inside

    Outdoor obstacle racing is huge right now, with the likes of Muddy Race, Tough Mudder, Total Warrior and Battle Frog running great events. But any club can offer an obstacle-based experience – indoors – and in a way that has broad appeal.

    Right from the start of the development process it was obvious that the new Escape STEP and RISER combination would open up all kinds of possibilities for group workouts. Among these possibilities is the chance to set up a mini obstacle course experience, right there on the studio floor.

    So check out these ideas for giving people an obstacle experience in a circuit using the new Escape STEP and RISER.

    Bring the outdoor obstacle race experience inside 


    It’s the sheer variety of step exercise that makes the Escape STEP ideal for a fast-paced circuit workout.

    - Start with classic step moves. The Basic Step, Lift Step and Straddle Step are what we’re talking about here. In an obstacle setting you could have three STEPs in a row, instructing people to do ten of each type of step move on each STEP, moving quickly between them.

    - Create a ramp setting to take the challenge up a notch. Turn a STEP into an incline platform by locating one or more RISERs underneath one end. Now you have the perfect basis for Downhill Lunges and Across the Top moves.

    - Add in some bodyweight moves. Still in the ramp setting, get down for some Burpees, Bunny Hops and Mountain Climbers. These are fantastic dynamic, athletic moves that really start to give people the feeling of an obstacle course: you don’t need a ten-foot wall!

    Bring the outdoor obstacle race experience inside


    You can also stack more than one STEP together, or use RISERs to add some height. Now you have a platform that lets you build plyometrics into the course. As always with plyometrics, avoid going too high as it’s important to have a stable platform at all times.

    Try these moves:

    - Two Foot Jumps: Sagittal, Lateral and Rotational. Three ways to jump onto and down from a raised STEP. In a circuit setting, participants can be instructed to switch between the three types of jumps. The Rotational Jump takes the body through a 90 degrees twist, which can be real challenge.

    - Plyo Jumps: Sagittal, Lateral and Rotational. Again, we have three ways to work with the STEP. For all three, the Plyo Jump means starting from a squat position on the floor and holding that position through the landing on the STEP.

    - Plyometric Push-ups. This extension of a regular push-up involves pushing hard off the STEP so that the hands come up a few inches, and then they go back down onto the STEP.

    Bring the outdoor obstacle race experience inside


    Step exercise guru Steve Barratt says: “The RISER is much more than a way to add height or an incline to a STEP. It’s a fantastic platform in its own right and I know that clubs will be grabbing 20 or more RISERs and setting up circuits with them.”

    Here are some of the moves that RISERs are great for:

    - 360º moves. The size and shape of the RISER makes it perfect for 360º moves: step, jump, straddle and spin with it to reach yet another level of fun and challenge.

    - Stepping stones. Set up a number of RISERs a few feet apart and get people going on some fast moves between them. This calls for a mix of precision and speed, which brings a new dimension and challenge to the experience.

    - RISER plyo moves. As with the STEP, you can also stack a few RISERs to create a compact plyometric platform for some high intensity moves.

    Bring the outdoor obstacle race experience inside


    Creating a circuit-style obstacle course in the club is a great way to give people a superb group fitness experience. Why? Because it can be done against the clock so that people can test themselves and have fun competing against each other, individually or in teams.

    But most of all, with a good variety of moves like the ones we’ve featured above, it will give people a good mix of cardio and strength training – and in a format that gets maximum results in minimum time.

    So grab some Escape STEPs and RISERs, find some floor space big enough for the circuit, and get creative! The possibilities really are endless and years of programming options will be opened up with these two simple but incredibly versatile tools.


    Get your club ready for some superb circuit experiences with the Escape STEP and RISER. Contact our sales team by email at sales@escapefitness.com, or call one of the numbers below:

    UK: +44 (0)1733 313 535
    USA: +1 614.706.4462
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