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Are Outdoor Gyms the Future of Fitness? - Blog.

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Are Outdoor Gyms the Future of Fitness?

Last month, our co-founder, Matthew Januszek, was featured in Club Business International (CBI), the health and fitness industry’s leading magazine.

Matthew was asked to contribute to an article in the November issue on the trending subject of outdoor fitness, titled "Functional – Again – Fitness."

Fitness is finding new spaces to grow during the pandemic, and it is likely a concept that is here to stay. People need to exercise, not just for their physical well-being, but also their mental health, which is why so many gym and club owners are taking their training outside.

“A lot of gyms in California, for example, have opened and closed, but many are establishing ‘canopy spaces’ that remain accessible all of the time. They’re coming to us asking us to help them with their outdoor fitness areas,” says Matthew.

Earlier this year, Escape Fitness built a powerful outdoor functional fitness and performance-based training space for Bluecoat Sports in the UK. It’s a multi-station workout setting that brings the intensity and adrenaline out into the elements for year-round use. This dedicated training area is outfitted with all the bells and whistles to offer gym and club members what they need for even the most demanding workouts.


With a strong expertise in designing and equipping outdoor spaces for any and all fitness levels, Escape Fitness can help identify and create exceptional gym designs and layout capabilities featuring any of our functional fitness products. We know the equipment, what it’s capable of, and the audiences who use it.

“For the most part, you’re populating the areas with equipment like weights, kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, and suspension training—basic, but functional stuff,” adds Matthew.

“Explore all of our gym design solutions, from walls to flooring, equipment, and installation here


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