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    Reasons why you should colour code your exercise equipment may be much more straightforward than you imagine. However, doing so will affect the bigger picture in a much more impactful way.

    Forget the premise that “red makes you angry” or “blue brings a sense of serenity,” as we reveal why hues in exercise equipment matter more to your members than simply evoking an emotional response.

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    Fitness psychology for the benefits of exercise.

    Research published in Frontiers in Psychology shows that colour coordination is less about the emotional response than many think.

    “Findings from colour research can be provocative and media friendly, and the public (and the field as well) can be tempted to reach conclusions before the science is fully in place.

    “There is considerable promise in research on colour and psychological functioning, but considerably more theoretical and empirical work needs to be done before the full extent of this promise can be discerned and, hopefully, fulfilled.”

    Colour coding has much more importance in the fitness space. Members being able to know exactly where they need to be and what they need to use is vital to retention.

    colour code your exercise equipment

    Fitness familiarity in exercise equipment and gym design.

    Familiarity is key to fitness experience, and colour coordination is a great driver for members to become more familiar with a fitness space or training tool. In turn, this identification also improves safety within a gym, along with an understanding of weights, what things do and where members can do them.

    Escape’s colour scheme throughout product ranges offers multiple benefits to both operators and members alike. Whether this is in a particular training tool such as a Bulgarian bag, Corebag, or sandbag, or applicable to bigger picture colour schemes, everything should be taken into account.

    “The colour progression – green, blue, red, grey, black – is meant to be a quick at a glance guide for users or trainers to easily identify the correct product to meet their needs and goals,” explains Ritchie Januszek, head of product development at Escape.

    “It has been applied to more than just weight of product. You will notice that we also use it on things like the Plyosoft boxes, for example, with the smaller boxes being green, then blue and red for the highest.”

    Colour coding for recognition can also aid with a member’s identification of what choices to make with gym design, too. “It can also be useful for operators when laying out areas,” Ritchie continues. “For example, when creating a space for beginners you would fill with accessories in green and blue and advanced areas would be full of red and black exercise equipment.”


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