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    New gym equipment = innovative exercise opportunities. - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    New gym equipment = innovative exercise opportunities.

    Exercise innovation is key to maintaining the best fitness experience for anyone. The most effective way to ensure gyms and studios stay ahead of the competition is with new gym equipment that offers more ways to work out.

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    As well as the fitness equipment itself, great gym design and programming holds the whole experience together. This gives members, clients and athletes everything they need from exercise. That’s why Escape has bolstered the Octagon frame range with these new additions, giving more innovative design options with the equipment and workouts to match.


    Pull up bar and anchor point.

    Introducing the HIT WING V2. We are now able to offer two versions of the Wing. The first, our original, comes in three lengths and attaches on the front of the Octagon frame legs. The new HIT WING V2, also available in three lengths, but fits onto the internal side of the Octagon leg. This now allows us to add a boxing arm or an eye on the front of the leg, providing more configuration and training options.



    Boxing workouts, punching bags, and training opportunities.

    Escape's boxing range is growing with the addition of the Group Boxing Frame, ideal for spaces for group boxing training or boutique fitness programming. The new boxing frame features a slimmer Octagon leg that measures 100mm x 100mm (4in x 4in) versus the standard leg, which is 200mm x 100mm (8in x 4in) – great for the price-conscious customer. This modular frame can be configured to hold 14, 16 or 26 bags and is a bolt-down frame only.



    Monkey bar workouts and CrossFit training.

    Perfect for sports performance facilities, the new Octagon Riser Dock enables Octagon frames to feature a set of inclined monkey bars. Now available to order around the world, please get in touch if you’d like to know more.


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