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    Meeting the challenge of maximising gym floor space - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Meeting the challenge of maximising gym floor space

    Over the next few weeks, Tommy Matthews will take you through three workouts that combine bodyweight, suspension and functional training.

    Meeting the challenge of maximising gym floorspace

    Tommy, Escape’s head of education and programming, uses the Octagon Hub Training System (HTS) for all three workouts: see part one here.

    So let’s set the scene by looking at the role the HTS can play in maximising gym floorspace – and in delivering a fun and varied workout experience.

    The demands on available floorspace

    Ask most gym managers or trainers to list the challenges they face and one that usually crops up is about restricted floorspace.

    This is of course one of the reasons that gyms find functional training attractive. A row of 20 treadmills can take up 50-70 square metres or more of floorspace. For that investment, the gym can offer just one type of exercise.

    The alternative is to invest instead in functional equipment such as kettlebells, sandbags, plyo boxes and so on. Now the space can be used to deliver a number of different workout experiences for added variety. They are likely to be more effective and more fun too.

    Something else that should be a feature in every gym is a rig that enables suspension training workouts. Training tools such as resistance bands and battle ropes offer yet more variety and a different challenge for the muscles.

    Meeting the challenge of maximising gym floorspace

    Finding the right solution for maximising floorspace

    As well as having enough space for members to work out in a safe and effective way, and a rig for suspension workouts, a gym must also have adequate facilities for storing the functional fitness equipment.

    This is why we made an addition to our Octagon range of functional training frames last year: the Hub Training System (HTS).

    The first way that the HTS maximises floorspace is that it’s a rig for performing suspension training that, with more than two metres of head clearance, leaves the floor clear beneath it for other workout styles. So members can hook up suspension tools such as the TRX, or simply work out underneath or around the HTS with freestanding training tools.

    What adds to the story is the fact that the HTS incorporates two Octagon Hub Walls. These ladder-style walls are designed to accommodate a range of different attachments for storing everything from medicine balls and yoga mats to dumbbells and bumper plates. You can also install Hub Walls as standalone features, either freestanding or against the gym wall.

    Meeting the challenge of maximising gym floorspace

    Check out Tommy Matthews’s HTS workouts

    With that look at the role the HTS can play in the gym, head over to part one of Tommy’s HTS workout programme.

    And to check out the HTS, including a short video featuring a small group workout in action, visit our HTS experience page. Alternatively, give us a call on +44 (0)1733 313535 or email us at [email protected]