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    Is this the fitness industry’s biggest mistake? - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Is this the fitness industry’s biggest mistake?

    In April, we featured a blog from Gavin Aquilina, in which he explained the background and purpose of his first Fitness Professionals Global Summit. Gavin kindly included a link to free access to one of the Summit’s presentations: a ‘future of fitness’ session from Dr John Berardi.

    Now Gavin is back, with news of your free access to the second Summit, AND a link to another presentation from the first Summit. This time, it’s a session from Dr Jade Teta on metabolic weight loss.

    But first, Gavin looks at what he sees as a huge mistake that is made across the fitness industry. Over to Gavin…

    Is this the fitness industry’s biggest mistake?



    I have had the amazing good fortune of working in the fitness industry since 1990 and I have loved every year of it. I started at 17 years of age and, truth be known, right up to my thirties there was one big mistake I made, and it’s the same mistake I believe we make as an industry:
    ‘We expect clients to come to us and to live our lifestyle, as opposed to us moving towards them and their lifestyle.’
    There are so many great physiology courses, programming and screening courses BUT for them to be effective we have to engage with the client. We have to understand where they are at in life, what they enjoy and what drives them. We also need to know why they are truly coming to see us – but the reason they give us is rarely the real reason.

    Often, when somebody comes to see us, it isn’t really the 10lbs or 5kg they want to lose; it is that they want to feel better about themselves. Moving up to an elite level, did you read about Tommy Matthews – Escape’s Head of Training – and his completion of the Coast to Coast endurance event in New Zealand? The main challenge of these events isn’t physical; it’s the mental challenge to push yourself when other people would stop.

    So why are your clients truly coming to see you? Have you truly investigated this so that both you and they are more aware about why they are training? Once we know their ‘why’, it becomes less about me as the trainer and what I think they want (which is me projecting my goals onto them) and it allows me to move towards their lifestyle and what they want.



    Is this the fitness industry’s biggest mistake?

    The idea of truly knowing our clients and moving towards them and their lifestyle was a common theme from presenters at the first Fitness Professionals Global Summit. One of these presenters was Dr Jade Teta, and I am really excited to share his session with you because he has a truly unique perspective on this subject.

    Jade’s session is from the Summit’s ‘Food, fitness and fat loss’ strand, and is entitled: ‘Metabolic Weight Loss – The Five Laws of Metabolism’. The five laws that Jade describes in the presentation are as follows:

    - Law 1: Metabolic compensation.

    - Law 2: Metabolic multitasking.

    - Law 3: Metabolic efficiency.

    - Law 4: Metabolic individuality.

    - Law 5: Psychic entropy.



    I am also happy to announce that registration for the second online Fitness Professionals Global Summit registration is now live, and you can register for free.

    This summit - being held on 20-25 June - will bring together 19 world fitness leaders presenting in six different strands:

    - Mindset, psychology and the brain.

    - Exercise and conditioning.

    - Hormones and health.

    - Food, fitness and fat loss.

    - Special populations.

    - Business and entrepreneurship.


    Is this the fitness industry’s biggest mistake?

    Register now for FREE and as a BONUS you will get access to the transcript summaries from three of the presentations from the first Summit (usually only available to VIP All Access Pass subscribers):

    1. Dr John Berardi: ‘The Future of Fitness is Coming… Will You be Ready?’
    2. Dr Jade Teta: ‘Metabolic Weight Loss – The Five Laws of Metabolism.’
    3. Brian Grasso: ‘The Mindset of Fitness Success.’

    I really hope that you will join me for the second Summit. I know that everyone who takes part will come away with some incredibly useful knowledge that will prove to be a great asset in their career development.



    Many thanks to Gavin for writing this blog, and for giving our readers free access to presentations form the first Fitness Global Professionals Summit.

    You can upgrade to a lifetime VIP All Access Pass to all of the presentations from every Summit at www.fitnessprofessionalsglobalsummit.com.


    Chris Lomas