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    Hit the spot with the new Core Momentum Trainer - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    Hit the spot with the new Core Momentum Trainer

    Things have been very noisy here at Escape Fitness recently because we’ve all been getting to grips with our latest product: the Core Momentum Trainer (CMT).

    The CMT has already proven itself through an extensive testing period as a superb core exercise tool, as well as being highly effective for developing all of the muscles involved in performing movement.

    Core Momentum Trainer

    Its effectiveness is thanks to the expertise of the man who created the original design: Dr Derek Steveson, a PhD physiotherapist and expert in functional biomechanics who runs the Functional Performance Center in Arizona. Over countless prototypes and design modifications, he created something that is exciting trainers, sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts alike.

    Derek and other movement specialists have extensively tested the CMT with professional footballers, baseball players, golfers and other athletes. It has also been given a thorough testing by personal trainers and coaches with functional training clients of all abilities.

    How it works

    The CMT is based around the central Power Core that contains lubricated steel shot. At the end of each movement, this material collides against the Power Core walls with considerable force. The force is transferred to the user’s core via their arms and working hard to precisely control the force is what guarantees an effective workout.

    But best of all – and this is what is creating not only a noise, but also a real buzz around the CMT – is that the sound of the collision provides an accurate indication of how well the exercise is being performed.

    When you are working effectively with the CMT the material hits the Power Core sweet spot and you hear a sharp, sudden sound. A longer, less focused sound is an indication that you are losing focus or are becoming fatigued, so it’s time to either up the effort or move on to another exercise.

    Of course, the sound can be heard by trainers too, so they are able to step in and help their clients react when necessary.

    Core Momentum Trainer


    Three different models for versatility

    The CMT is available in three models: 1kg (green), 2kg (blue) and 4kg (red). For most people, the 2kg model will work as the best introduction to the CMT. They can then move on to the 1kg version for speed exercises or the 4kg model for strength and power workouts.

    All three models have removable handles. When used with the handles removed, the forces are brought closer to the core for a more intense core workout. The choice of with or without handles also adds a dimension of variety that lets trainers target their programmes to the precise needs of every user.

    Experience the CMT for yourself

    For your first taste of the CMT, visit http://www.escapefitness.com/uk/new-products/core-momentum-trainer.

    But perhaps more than any product we’ve seen for a long time, the CMT is something that you have to try out before you can fully appreciate its effectiveness.

    We held a pre-launch event last week where coaches and gym managers were able to try the CMT for the first time. They also took part in a hands-on training programme that we are rolling out in gyms and online over the coming months and the feedback was excellent.

    Check out our Facebook page for a look at what happened and get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)1733 313535 for details.