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    A medball workout that brings playtime to the gym - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    A medball workout that brings playtime to the gym

    It’s time for our third Workout of the Week (WoW) featuring Escape’s new VERTMINI. This time it’s all about having fun and games while working out, which is a hot trend right now as back-to-school style workouts are really popular.

    The great thing about the VERTMINI is that it’s similar in size to a handball or soccer ball. This makes it perfect for getting people moving, even when there’s little time available to learn technique.

    Our video shows off how the VERTMINI is ideal for game-based workouts. It’s small and soft enough to be passed around, yet it’s weighted so it can give people plenty of challenge.


    The workout progresses through three simple games, starting with a fairly gentle warm-up and ending with a team game that can really work the body. Here are some notes on the three games:

    Team pass.

    This is a great exercise to get everyone warmed-up. Everyone works in pairs, passing the ball to and from each other. When someone is receiving the ball, they need to move around in order to challenge their partner by constantly changing the target.

    After a few minutes, switch to rolling the ball along the ground: this gets everyone to challenge their flexibility and range of motion.

    Three on one.

    Three people pass the ball between them, while a fourth tries to get the ball. Lots of movement, hand-eye coordination and communication is needed for this one.

    Two on Two.

    Set up a couple of plyoboxes or other equipment as goals and try this simple netball/basketball style game…but without the hoops.

    The main rule here is that (as in netball) the receiver has to stand still from the moment they receive the ball. It’s then up to their partner to move around in order to get in a good position to get the ball back.

    It’s a bit of a free-for-all as the ball can be passed high or low, or even rolled along the ground. The pair without the ball block and get control of it, and then go for goal themselves. It’s a no-contact game, so people of different sizes and strengths can compete against each other.



    If you liked this workout, check out the other videos: movement-based workout and partner-based workout. To go the next step and get some VERTMINI action going on in your club, it’s available to order now.

    It really is the ideal piece of functional equipment to get your members/clients into training with medballs. Lift it, throw it, pass it and catch it to develop agility and coordination, to add some resistance to warm-ups, and for ramping up core and bodyweight moves. It’s also perfect for children’s workouts, ball sports training and just to add new fun and variety to the gym or studio.

    Find out more or place an order for the VERTMINI: get in touch with the team on +44(0)1733 313535 or email [email protected] and someone will be in touch.