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Escape your limits app.


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Now there’s support for anyone working out with Escape’s functional training equipment – in the gym, outdoors, at work or at home.

Available as a free download for Apple IOS and Android, the Escape Your Limits app has been designed to provide the gym goer, personal trainer or at-home enthusiast access to key workouts and exercises to help them get the most out of their Escape Fitness equipment. It demonstrates how to perform specific exercises, and provides workouts to achieve core improvement, strength, HIIT and weight loss goals.

Users can watch individual exercises or entire workout schedules performed by Escape trainers with a wide range of functional tools. The Deck 2.0, Corebags, Sandbags, Multi Grip Medballs, Bulgarian Bags, CMTs, GRIPRs, Plyosoft Boxes, Kettlebells, Bars and Plates, VERTBALLs, Battle Ropes and TIYR are all included. Additional exercise options and workout routines beyond those offered for free can be purchased in-app.

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