Bluecoat Sports

Bluecoat Sports.

The ultimate outdoor training space.

Bluecoats is a dual-use site for the public and students, situated within an independent school. Operating as a charity on behalf of the school and local community, as a fitness space it’s known for its programming and classes.

The Bluecoats facility has an outdoor fitness and training area, which gives its members the ability to train outside in a fully immersive environment. With a custom-built, multi-functional Octagon HIT HUB rig, squat racks with lifting platforms, state of the art equipment and a container full of gym equipment including free weights, TIYRs, Corebags and battle ropes.

The project.

The original vision was to try and add space for the gym, as it was the last area of the Bluecoat facility to have an upgrade. As an initial project before developing opportunity, the project was to find space to use for a fitness initiative, fill it with functional fitness equipment and provide programming for students and members alike.


It’s not just the equipment and workout programming that was important. Escape was involved from concept to completion, playing a vital part in construction and development of the space, as Paul Lipscombe, international project manager for Escape explains:

The solution.

“We supported with the specifications for the slab material used, advised on drainage for the outdoor space with main contractors and supported with the build programme. We were involved from start to finish of the whole space.”


The space was programmed with Escape’s MOVE IT and BATTLE FIT classes around the Escape Octagon frame, attracting 200 new members in a matter of weeks. The workouts laid the foundations of the equipment list and timetable, but the space is also open for members to complete their own training and Bluecoats are working with local sports teams to aid their conditioning. The functional space makes it easy to create a lifting / cross training / TRX class to add a variety of options for members.

"I don’t think we would have been able to achieve that with any other manufacturer."

“It is, without doubt, one of the best facilities to open within my 20-odd years of working in the health and fitness industry. I don’t think we would have been able to do that with any other manufacturer.

Commercial Manager of Bluecoat Sports.

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