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Creating a Fun, Functional Fitness Playground.

The X Club is an intersection of creativity, health, and wellness. It is an unconventional, members-only social club offering its members state-of-the-art gyms and fitness studios designed with the focus of improving the way we interact through group wellness-based classes.

It offers its members professional-quality workspace to rival any coworking space and support the growing work from home segment; a state-of-the-art gym and fitness studio designed around class-based fitness activation, and attainable apartments including private residences and coliving suites.

The Project.

The X Club wanted to create a multifaceted functional training space that allows for much diversity of offerings in one space to attract new residents and Club members.

They were a bit limited in terms of what equipment could be stocked due to some physical limitations to the flooring of the space. They designed the space within a time frame of 10 days with the following programming objectives include:

  • Full body weight exercises – box jump, burpees, agility ladder, ropes, etc.
  • LightWeight Activities – Kettlebells (up to 50lbs).


The team at Foundation Fitness utilised the Escape CAD planner to do the outdoor rendering. The outdoor area was designed around group training and maximizing stations within the zone. The high-resolution rendering helped plan this effectively.

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The Solution.

The layout of the space allowed for 2 functional outdoor training spaces to be designed, Functional Endurance (The Playground) & Functional Strength (The Pound). 

These areas have become the heart of the Group Fitness programming aside from the studio. With the limited space in The Gym, the design + installation of the Outdoor Gym allowed for an opportunity to expand where programming is activated yet still gives a sense of familiarity in design between X properties to focus on improving the way members engage, interact, and commune through group wellness-based classes.

To bring out an engaging and motivating environment they installed a range of Escape’s Octagon frames including the freestanding squat hub boxes, an HTS rig, multiple T1 stations that are complimented by all the latest functional training tools – Aquabags, Bulgarian Bags, GRIPRS, Multiplyos, Wall Balls, and Corebags.

The utilization of all these functional assets provided them with a complete playground of exercise variety. Every piece of functional training kit at XLife is optimized thanks to the versatility of the Escape Fitness equipment and the space-saving storage solutions.

Accomplish the mission.

I have come to love Escape Fitness equipment since working with Michelle Mills at Foundation Fitness. In every project we have worked on together each has gotten larger and more challenging. In each project my objective is to utilize the top brands that can accomplish the mission of attracting members into a welcoming environment that caters to any and all walks of fitness life; and from project to project Escape Fitness’ presence has grown in the way I design & program the X communities.”

Delise Johnson, Wellness Director at The X Company

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