Training Spaces

Training Places.

Rooftop retreat at Ibiza wellness villa.

A rooftop fitness space of 150 square metres that caters for all areas of performance. Wellness tourism is one of the fastest developing sectors of the travel market, estimated to be worth over £500 billion annually. This is a market catered for by the stunning Training Places Villa on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, off Spain’s east coast.

Training Places offers something way beyond what’s previously been available in this market. Set on the hills of s’Estanyol near Talamanca, it’s a luxury five-bedroom villa with pool and rooftop training space. Matching the great environment is professional experience management with a speciality in fitness, guaranteeing wellness travel of the highest quality. From nutritious menus to bespoke training programmes that combine workouts at the villa with cycling, scuba diving and other activities, each break has the perfect ingredients.

The project.

Escape worked with Training Places to create a rooftop fitness space of 150 square metres (1,600 square feet) that caters for all areas of performance: functional, Olympic lifting, strength and freeweights, stretch and core, combat and cardiovascular. A great view over Ibiza Town is complemented by stylish products from Escape, including a TIYR, Quad Sled, Corebags, Kettlebells, Medballs, GRIPRs, Bulgarian Bags and Jump Ropes.

Centre-stage is an Octagon QUAD frame, with Monkey Bars, Dip Station and Pull-up Bars for bodyweight exercises, and facilities for Olympic lifting. The QUAD looks fantastic in this setting, serving as a powerful focal point for the rooftop gym. And as with all Octagon frames manufactured for outdoor use, it was supplied with an especially durable and weather-proof zinc spray finish, so it will look good for years to come.

The solution.

The rooftop space is a stunning place to train, providing guests with a truly unique and rewarding fitness experience. Everything comes together in a way that ensures guests are motivated to train hard and achieve superb results, both physically and mentally. It’s somewhere people just love to be, and they often take pictures and share them across their social media.


Training Places gives gyms, studios and personal trainers the ability to bring their own clients and members for a fitness break, with all the logistics and process taken care of. There are also scheduled bespoke breaks for individuals, couples and small groups of friends. Either way, everyone who stays at the Training Places villa and uses the rooftop fitness space values both the unique setting and access to a fantastic range of innovative training tools.

"Our guests love the equipment and I know that Escape will continue to bring out innovative new products."

“Escape has given us the training tools we need to meet all our guests’ fitness needs, from those who want to focus on health and wellbeing to those wanting performance and high intensity fitness. Our guests love the equipment and I know that Escape will continue to bring out innovative new products. I also know they have great customer service and will be there if I need support to maintain my rooftop space as a quality destination.”

Founder of Training Spaces.

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