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A holistic hybrid HIIT vision brought to life.

What keeps members coming back to a particular gym? Hint: It’s not the equipment. It’s the results they achieve by showing up. To drive member engagement, create community, and boost retention, a focus on interior design and creating the best environment possible is an integral part of operating a successful facility.

That means monetizing every inch of your gym floor with a clear purpose to cater to a variety of training goals and needs. The bottom line? Gyms exist to help people get results. Read on to learn all about how Precision Fit Labs partnered with Escape to create a unique, consumer-centric fitness experience like no other.

Donnie Middleton, co-owner of Precision Fit Labs in Argyle, Texas, and his team wanted to build a unique performance center for their members that offered the elements of strength conditioning, athletic training, recovery, and physical therapy all in one location. What they were looking to accomplish was a hybrid HIIT vision.

“Our main focus is the customer experience and how they feel during the workout,” explained Donnie. “I was looking for a completely unique way to deliver all the things that I do as a personal trainer. Escape allowed me to give them my vision of what I thought the fitness industry was going toward and they brought it together. They gave me the elements that I needed to be successful in the fitness business.”

The project.

Precision Fit Labs partnered with Escape to bring their hybrid HIIT vision to life. We were able to help design a space and a vibe that allowed members to optimize the time they spend working out. We wanted members to see that this experience was about them, not just the facility.

Equipped with colorful LEDs, essential oils, and innovative equipment from Escape Fitness, it’s a fun, entertaining environment that people are excited to come back to time and time again. There’s something for everybody the moment they walk through the door, which translates into better results for members, and a more successful gym.

The solution.

To maximize the group fitness and sports performance center, the team at Precision Fit Labs opted for a comprehensive range of strength and functional equipment to cover all their bases when it comes to delivering an impactful, engaging approach to fitness.

This space has had a positive effect on each member’s individual fitness journey. It allows for a very structured program and deliberate motion for every client, regardless of whether they are a beginner or a seasoned athlete.

Training Places gives gyms, studios and personal trainers the ability to bring their own clients and members for a fitness break, with all the logistics and process taken care of. There are also scheduled bespoke breaks for individuals, couples and small groups of friends. Either way, everyone who stays at the Training Places villa and uses the rooftop fitness space values both the unique setting and access to a fantastic range of innovative training tools.

"Our guests love the equipment and I know that Escape will continue to bring out innovative new products."

“Escape put this concept together with selected racks, unique elements of color, and not only a carefully thought out range of equipment, but also the placement of the equipment so that it created a flow with the style of programming.”

Co-owner of Precision Fit Labs.

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