Unique Fitness Jolt Room

UNIQUE FITNESS Jolt room, Holbrook, NY.

A Unique Fitness Experience.

Unique Fitness offers 3 locations on Long Island, each with their own style and focus, attracting a wide variety of people of all different ages, fitness levels and abilities. 

They are locally owned, and family operated- meaning a more personalized and friendly membership experience when compared to joining larger franchise or corporate type gyms. Offering just about everything in the fitness realm that is needed for their community to look and feel their best.

The project.

Unique Fitness wanted to create a multifaceted functional training space with equipment that would go above and beyond for their members in every aspect.  They wanted to offer a space to attract a varying demographic that would leave their worries at the door, and immerse themselves in their fitness experience.

They were keen on the idea of making their space “unique” due to its family run nature. There were no limitations in terms of their floor plan. They had an open space in the centre of their gym that they were keen on filling, and an empty room that they wanted their members to escape in. 

The team at Unique flew to IHRSA in California, and consulted with Jarrod Sarraco to get an idea of how they wanted their space to be utilized. It was there that Escape Fitness was introduced to them, and they were ready to transform their facility with top notch, functional equipment.

The solution.

The layout of the space allowed for one private room to be decked out in Escape equipment, and the general floor of the gym allowed for multiuse. 

The Jolt room is the epitome of a VIP experience that can host high intensity training classes, and private one on one training. With their clientele in mind, they knew that this room would help its users come to the gym looking for an escape, and to refocus their minds from the outside world to what was in front of them. The ever-changing mood lights help the Deck 2.0’s, Gymballs, Training Bags, and Corebags stand out even more.

The Jolt Room has transformed into the heart of the facility as it utilizes functional fitness to the max. Personal trainers bring their clients in to create a more personal experience in an area that makes them feel safe. Once they’ve mastered key workouts in the Jolt room, they can replicate them on the floor with confidence and ease.

Unique Fitness’ general floor space brings out an engaging and motivating environment that is jam-packed with all the latest functional training tools such as the Quad Sled, TIYRS, both Plyosoft & Multiplyo Boxes, and an X-Rack with Dumbbells. To fully utilize the space, there was a custom installation of squat racks with storage hubs that hosts VERTBALLS, VERTMINI, Bulgarian Bags, and Corebags.

Every piece of functional training kit at Unique is optimized thanks to the versatility of the Escape Fitness equipment.

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The room that motivates.

I think people come to the gym looking for an escape. So you come into this room and all this equipment is here and just—you can forget about what’s outside and focus on what’s right in front of you and the weight that you have to pick up and put back down, and the Escape products just have enhanced this room and this program to be able to target the widest array of people because there’s so many different products, with different weights, and this room just propels you and motivates you to do just that.

General Manager of Unique Fitness, Holbrook.

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