The Epic


The Epic reimagines what a recreational fitness facility should look like.

The Epic in Grand Prairie, Texas, is so much more than just a fitness facility. It is recreation reimagined.

Featuring a 120,000-square-foot fitness, arts, and entertainment hub—aptly named “The Epic” —this development sets the bar high when it comes to community wellness.

The fitness portion of the facility showcases $1 million worth of training equipment, with both an indoor and outdoor space. It offers personal training, functional fitness, CrossFit, group exercise classes, and programming for members across fitness levels and demographics. This is a place for everybody.

“The Epic is going to completely change the way we think about recreation centers and municipal facilities,” said Rick Herold, director for the Grand Prairie Parks, Arts & Recreation Department. “It’s a place where you can begin (or continue) a fitness program, play basketball, take a spin class, take a painting class, record a podcast, enjoy a great book over a cup of coffee, take a walk with a friend indoors or out, host a meeting, learn how to cook, play games with your family, or listen to live music. There is truly nothing like it anywhere else.”

The project.

One thing is obvious: For an incredible space like The Epic, delivering game-changing gym equipment was a given for the Escape team.

Keeping in mind that the facility offers training for people of all fitness levels, to bring this project to fruition, we suggested the tools that their target audience needed and would utilize on a consistent basis, not what every other gym had.

What’s in store for gym goers? A one-of-a-kind fitness hub intended to enhance athletic performance.

Whether people are looking to transform their body, spark their exercise journey or simply better their health, The Epic’s impressive array of Escape equipment takes fitness to the next level of epic-ness.

The solution.

Escape delivered the latest and greatest fitness gear with this ambitious, innovative facility’s business goals and customers in mind. Extraordinary in size, this facility is not short on options or appeal.

Whatever your fitness needs, you’ll find it here.

Never cutting corners on quality, The Epic stocked our state-of-the-art equipment indoors and outdoors.
The laundry list of training kit speaks for itself. It’s the crème de la crème when it comes to functional training experiences and providing the right solution at the right time.

Many great offerings.

“We worked with another company, Marathon Fitness, who provided the knowledge and the expertise on the things that are not just the best in our community or in the United States but all across the world. So, when they recommended we look into Escape Fitness there were so many great offerings.

Fitness Supervisor, The Epic

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