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Craft Boxing Club, calabasas, ca.

Crafting the Perfect Punch.

Craft Boxing Co is a warehouse gym with 6000 sq ft of top-tier equipment laid out like a traditional boxing gym – with space for private and group training, a competition-sized ring, and their signature Craft Boxing Modular Training Stations that provide individual space for all of your training needs.

Members benefit from unlimited use of the facilities during operating hours, free daily group training which differs in focus from week to week including Mittwork, Bagwork, Fundamentals, Bodywork, Roadwork & Strength classes, in addition they can access private training with LA’s top boxing coaches, and an on-call trainer for all gym visits.

The project.

Craft Boxing wanted to create the ultimate, true to life boxing studio with equipment that would cater to every boxing need possible. They aimed to have an environment that was capable of small group training along with private training.  

To help out in executing this vision, they reached out to Escape. They were seeking the best of the best equipment to help cater to the high demand from their members.  With limited floor space in mind, and a variety of group classes, they wanted to utilize every square inch possible. 

Craft Boxing requested that the frames take up as minimal space possible by having a slim, sleek appearance. The boxing frame had to be able to support heavy bags for training, and include suspensions for Battleropes. The frames also had to support functionality because they were looking to involve cross training as demands rise; hence why they needed to use all options for attachments on the boxing frames.

The solution.

Although the layout of the space was limited to 6,000 sq ft, Escape was able to maximize the space and be as efficient as possible while focusing on quality over quantity. 

The floor space brings out an engaging and motivating environment that is jam-packed with all the latest functional training tools such as the STRONGBOX, TIYRS, Plyosoft Boxes, Bulgarian Bags, Corebags, the BARROW, and more. 

Craft Boxing wanted to ensure that their community could enjoy boxing, and have an opportunity to strengthen their bodies in other ways where they wouldn’t have to leave their safe space to feel comfortable to do those things. This is why there was a custom installation of boxing frames, along with a Half Squad with STACK attachment. With a full set of Urethane Curl Barbells, Nucleus SBX & Competition Kettlebells, Dumbbells, as well as the Escape Elite Urethane Bumper Plates, their demographic is well equipped to build up their strength.

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The Personal Touch.

One of the promises at Craft was that not only are we going to focus on one person at a time, and we’re going to focus on lots of personal attention, but everything you’ve touched is going to be the best that we can get our hands on, and the best that we can afford. And Escape has the best stuff.

Founder of Craft Boxing Club.

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