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6th & Main invests in luxury, functional fitness for residents.

Luxury apartment block, 6th & Main, in Salt Lake City, Utah brings lavishness back to living with a spacious floor plan, breath-taking views, smart home technology, a magnificent rooftop deck, resort-style infinity pool and a two-story performance fitness centre with cutting edge equipment.

Fitness, health and wellbeing is now a part of everyday life and with the growth of hybrid models, people now expect to access their fitness journey in the comfort of their own homes. Not just within the four walls of an external fitness facility. This trend has given rise to the demand for high-end, engaging and accessible fitness facilities within residential builds, especially those that offer premium amenities across the board to its residents.

The project.

6th & Main working with Pacific Fitness Products wanted a fitness offering to match the apartment blocks and other high-end amenities for residents, bringing a best-in-class health and wellbeing provision within its own four walls that would attract new residents, create prospective tenant interest, and set it apart from the competition.

The gym facility needed to offer a luxury, boutique training option that would be engaging and accessible for a range of users and abilities. The project vision was for a gym located on two levels, one mezzanine level focussed on functional fitness and a lower level set up for cardio and strength training.

Despite separate levels, these two areas needed to be seamlessly linked aesthetically to provide a natural flow for the residents, as well as a wow-factor visual from the street below.

The solution.

Working with US distributor, Pacific Fitness Products, Escape set about planning equipment and layout options with 6th & Main to meet the needs of this project. The mezzanine level did present some challenges when the construction design had to make changes which lowered the ceiling height dramatically but the team were able to adapt quickly to find alternative options in regards to the layout of the upright equipment.

On the mezzanine level, an Octagon HTS frame provides functional training versatility with integrated storage to maximise the limited floor space, outfitted with TIYR’s, Kettlebells, Corebags, Sandbags, Gripr’s, resistance bands, multi grip and total grip Medballs and a monkey bar set up from which TRX Suspension Trainers and rings hang.

Downstairs, in the cardio and strength training area, stands two fully equipped Octagon Half Squat racks with integrated storage in between which houses the plates as well as Kettlbells, total grip Medballs and Corebags. This is accompanied by dumbbells stored on an XRACK 2.O, which adds an angular, vertical storage style to optimise floor space.

The installation was completed in February 2023, and 6th & Main now boast a beautifully designed, innovative functional, cardio and strength training offering which not only stands out from the crowd but also provides an engaging, inviting and accessible workout experience that reflects the same level of high quality as the rest of the building. 

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