Women Empowerment in a Male Dominant Fitness Industry.

Women Empowerment in a Male Dominant Fitness Industry.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest today is on Inc.’s Female Founders 100 list and the MO100 Impact list, has been featured on NPR’s How I Built This, and speaks regularly on the topics of mindful leadership and the movement to redefine what success in fitness means.


Sadie Lincoln is the co-founder and CEO of barre3, a fitness company focused on teaching people to be balanced in body and empowered from within. Starting in 2008 with the flagship studio in Portland, Oregon, barre3 has grown to include more than 170 franchise studios powered by female entrepreneurs, plus an online-workout streaming-subscriber base in 98+ countries.

In this week’s episode we cover several topics including:

  • why diversity in the fitness industry helps improve mental health
  • why women are taking over fitness studios
  • how zoom creates thousands of dollars in revenue

To learn more about barre3, click here!


Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • Creating a sustainable method of exercising
  • Why body worth & body image is rapidly declining
  • How hiring people with barre3’s 5 core values has led to be a successful business
  • Diversity being the defining factor in barre3’s sense of community
  • Why the marketing method of presenting organic, authentic stories has worked so well for them
  • Why prominent social injustices can be taxing one someone’s mental health
  • How the expectation to prioritize work over mental health is outdated
  • Stressing the importance of teaching online post-pandemic