Why money needs to be the secondary priority when building a great brand.

Why money needs to be the secondary priority when building a great brand.

Partha Unnava is the founder and CEO of Lasso, a new wave of performance compression activewear to improve movement and recovery.

After becoming frustrated with his own rehabilitation path following an ankle injury playing basketball, using his biomechanical engineering background, he set out on a mission to bring to market products that changed what apparel could do for the body and its movement.

He is a successful and passionate entrepreneur who values authenticity, the importance of resonating with your community and believes that money has to be a secondary priority if you want to build a great brand.

Tune-in to learn about how Lasso got started and the key takeaways to success that Unnava learnt from failings and mistakes along the way.


Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • Being invited to the White House by President Obama
  • Tackling the impact of fast fame and imposter syndrome
  • Debating the role social media plays in our lives
  • The philosophy of merging native design and technology
  • The importance of caring about what your delivering
  • Why money has to be the second priority when brand building
  • Key learnings from mistakes and failings
  • How best to build a supportive, authentic community
  • Why happiness and alignment are the goal of success

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