Unlocking Your Physical Potential: Insights from Dr. Pat Davidson.

Unlocking Your Physical Potential: Insights from Dr. Pat Davidson.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, our guest today has a PhD in Exercise Physiology, is an author, lecturer, and a successful Strength & Conditioning Coach with various online programs. The key elements of his programming include the ‘7 Pillars of Movement’ and the ’10 Principles of Exercise Progression’.

Dr. Pat Davidson’s philosophy is heavily grounded in biomechanics of human motion, identifying opportunities for training high-performance athletes, and improving the recovery rates of rehabilitation patients.

Today he talks us through:

  •     The issues with functional movement tests, and how complex overall movement is
  •     What the McDonald’s process is in fitness and how it can be beneficial in assessment
  •     And what type of training you must do based on your skeletal build

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • Explaining The Grand Theory of Exercise Science
  • His thoughts on what the role of a personal trainer should be, and how they should educate their clientele so they won’t get seriously injured
  • The difference between different skeletal builds, and how to train each type appropriately
  • Going into depth about what the problems are with functional movement assessments
  • The complexity of movement and how it works
  • How much support is needed when learning how to squat properly, along with other important compound exercises
  • Explaining what the McDonald’s process is, and how it can be beneficial
  • The importance of the fundamentals in fitness to build the strongest foundation