Training Your Mind to Improve Wellness With Billy Blanks & Chef Rush.

Training Your Mind to Improve Wellness With Billy Blanks & Chef Rush.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast. Escape Fitness partakes in an exclusive podcast partnership with the FitExpo in LA to bring to you Podcast Nation. The FitExpo is one of the most exciting live fitness events within the US that gives attendees the opportunity to connect with various leaders in the fitness industry.

Today, we sat down with a prominent American actor and fitness personality, Billy Blanks. In the late 80s, he starred in several movies and soon ended up creating the Tae Bo program which contains components of martial arts and boxing. Later, he began to retain celebrity clientele to help them achieve their fitness goals.

We also had the opportunity to interview a renown, top chef in the United States military, and Master Sergeant, Chef Rush. In September 1996 he served as the Joint and Vice Chief of Staff for eight general officers and four Chief of Staff of the Army over the next three years. He has also worked in the White House and the Presidential Guest House.

Both share their insight on:

• Using the power of your mind and will to create healthy wellness patterns

• Why the pandemic has created a mental health pandemic

• And how to avoid listening to your 5 senses to achieve your goals

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • If you base your life on your five senses, then you’re going to always be a person that’s up and down.
  • Preparing yourself for your workout by focusing on the goals you set in your mind and spirit instead of listening to your emotions
  • Tips on how to improve your mental health and getting yourself to a better place mentally
  • Being conscious of who you are as a person over listening to what is being said about you
  • The key principals to creating your physique as a bodybuilder
  • Building your connection with your spirit and faith to push yourself forward in life
  • Why betting on yourself is the greatest way to improve self worth
  • Take the word ‘hard’ out of your vocabulary, and watch your life change drastically