Trailblazing Through Fitness Holistically.

Trailblazing Through Fitness Holistically.

On this weeks episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, we had the opportunity to attend the IDEA® World Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada where both fitness and wellness sectors come together to provide incomparable guidance for all fit-pros at all career stages.

Within the coming weeks we will be releasing episodes where we interview various fitness founders and winners from the IDEA Convention, so stay tuned to see what’s to come.

We sat down with:

1). The Owner & CEO of IDEA Health & Fitness Association, Amy Thompson

2). And Ideafit’s Emerging Trailblazer Finalist, and Certified NASM Personal Trainer, Maricris Lapaix

Our two guests sit down and explain:

  • Why social media plays an important role in building your personal brand
  • How a holistic approach is being more embraced within the fitness community
  • The new vision for advocacy and compensation within the fitness and recovery realm

To learn more about IDEA Health & Fitness Association, click here!

To learn more about Maricris, click here!

Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • The new themes and trends seen within the fitness industry
  • New demographics entering the fitness industry
  • How personal trainers are changing their mindset and training style to cater to their new audience
  • The new, revolutionary vision to lead the IDEA Health & Fitness Association forward
  • Using social media to build a fitness community
  • How to cater to partnerships while being authentic to who you are
  • Taking steps to get to know who you’re training, and how you can help them
  • Defining what risks to take when posting your life on social media