The State of the Fitness Industry in 2022 at The Summit by Boutique Fitness Solutions.

The State of the Fitness Industry in 2022 at The Summit by Boutique Fitness Solutions.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, we present to you the second episode of the On The Edge Podcast where Emma Barry & Matthew Januszek interview co-founders of Boutique Fitness Solutions, Julian Barnes & NT Etuk.

The Boutique Fitness Solutions, a peer-to-peer network & business education provider that guides, connects and empowers boutique fitness owners. BFS’ aim is to educate, connect and support boutique fitness business owners to enable them to grow profitable businesses that serve the evolving needs of their clients.

Escape Fitness, was invited to The Summit by BFS, and there Emma Barry & Matthew Januszek were able to find out BFS’ top 5 business principles that they’ve identified to be successful, some of the biggest takeaways of the data within the fitness industry, and why many female CEOS are optimistic about the future of the fitness industry.

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • Highlighting The State of the Industry Report in terms of how fitness facilities are not where they were before 2019
  • The key differences between big gym names versus small fitness operators
  • How women were the key to keeping the fitness industry alive during the pandemic
  • The collaboration of each fitness operator learning from the other to keep their businesses thriving and helping staff
  • The key 5 business principles to BFS’ success
  • Why 70% of fitness businesses were able to survive the pandemic versus the other 30%
  • How the consumer model has changed within the last two years, and what businesses are doing to cater to their new needs
  • Why being just a CEO turned into a “wartime CEO”
  • Some of the key takeaways of data within the fitness industry