The Psychological Triggers Used to Design The Most Successful Fitness Studios.

The Psychological Triggers Used to Design The Most Successful Fitness Studios.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, to conclude our series at Bold 2022 at the MindBody conference, we bring to you a prolific woman who has created an international, full-service fitness design firm with over 200 successful clients across the globe. She was even able to sneak in a male stripper without anyone noticing to one of her studios due to her creating well thought out facilities

From award-winning boutique studios to awe-inspiring gyms to hospitality projects, Barbara Chancey is the visionary behind many of the world’s most beautiful and unforgettable fitness destinations. Regardless of size, scale, or location, each unique project is an exceptional piece of architecture that continuously strays away from the standard facility.

Today she shares:

  • The sex appeal around her studios which continuously entice people to return
  • How she designs a studio through the eyes of the attendees and instructors
  • And how she caters to her employees to help her studios succeed

To learn more about the Barbara Chancey Design Group, click here!

Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • How she started in the fitness design world
  • The concept of combining the sex factor into fitness studios
  • How her studios allowed her to sneak in a male stripper
  • Her thought process on how she chooses people to design facilities for
  • Why she roots for the underdog starting a fitness studio over a business person
  • Special guests she’s brought into her facilities
  • Why she takes care of everyone on her team
  • How she provides healthcare for everyone on her team