The Fitness Business and Craft of Boxing.

The Fitness Business and Craft of Boxing.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast our guest today was a professional boxer between the years of 2009 to 2021. Throughout his fighting career, he won all 16 of his fights. His fitness experience and passion led him to create a facility for those who wanted to get in shape through boxing.

With the birth of EverybodyFights, he was able to develop a safe system for those who wanted to explore the world of boxing. George Foreman III is the son of a legendary businessman and former two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman Sr. where he managed his dad’s business for seven years. He is now the Founder & CEO of Craft Boxing Co.

Today, he shares:

  • How his father helped build his entrepreneurial mindset
  • The inspiration and development of Craft Boxing Co’s success
  • And the number one thing that needs to be in the foundation of creating a successful gym

To learn more about Craft Boxing Co, click here!

Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • His opinion on the Paul brothers’ rise to fame in the boxing world
  • Why boxing is going to stay no matter what
  • The biggest takeaways he learned from his father, George Foreman, about entrepreneurship and boxing
  • How Craft Boxing was created, and the meaning behind it
  • The importance of creating an aesthetically pleasing gym to create the best experience possible for gym goers
  • The best method for keeping personal trainers at your gym
  • Why his community is the main focus for Craft Boxing
  • Explaining his boxing program that he created for his facility

George Foreman lll on the Escape Your Limits podcast.