The Experts of Boutique Fitness - The Summit by BFS.

The Experts of Boutique Fitness – The Summit by BFS.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, Emma Barry & Matthew Januszek continue their interviews with various founders, CEOs, and much more of boutique fitness studios at The Summit hosted by Boutique Fitness Solutions.

The Summit by BFS was created to bring like-minded individuals together to find solutions for their businesses, and to learn and create a better business for their consumers. Boutique Fitness Solutions is a peer-to-peer network & business education provider that guides, connects and empowers boutique fitness owners. BFS’ aim is to educate, connect and support boutique fitness business owners to enable them to grow profitable businesses that serve the evolving needs of their clients.

The On the Edge co-hosts speak to the director of marketing of FitCo, Kay Brawn, CEO & founder of Harlem Cycle, Tammeca Rochester, the CEO of THE DRIPBaR, Ben Crosbie, and CEO & co-founder of B/SPOKE Studios, Mark Partin.

Each of these guests covers topics including how they plan on expanding their businesses across the US, why technology is important in moving forward in boutique studios, and the heavy influence that an instructor has on their clients.

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • The methods of communication that are most effective when speaking to consumers
  • Different types of mini businesses that were created within businesses during lockdown
  • Why digital educational platforms are growing in popularity
  • How restarting someone’s fitness journey requires baby steps
  • Tailoring a business to a client’s needs and experiences
  • Different issues within a businesses staff with limited resources
  • Why educating both consumer and staff are important to keep a boutique studio open
  • Why having a relationship between instructor and client creates a more open and intimate setting
  • Explaining why every fitness boutique studio requires a tech sector to keep up with changing needs of consumers