The Crucial Role Tech Plays to Move the Fitness Industry Forward.

The Crucial Role Tech Plays to Move the Fitness Industry Forward.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast x On the Edge, Emma Barry & Matthew Januszek continue their journey at IHRSA 2022 where they grateful to take part in the inaugural FitTech Club member event. There were over 90 members and special guests in attendance, and they had the opportunity to network and share their innovations at the convergence of health, fitness, and tech.


The FitTech Club is a global community of founders and executives in the areas of fitness, health, wellbeing and technology. With over 50 companies that already joined, they help the members to grow their business faster, together.

They sat down with some of FitTechs biggest innovators, including the founder of The FitTech Company herself, Natalia Karbasova.

In this episode, guests share insights on:

  • how the metaverse and connected fitness will be impacting the fitness industry over the next five years
  • the views from these venture capitalists about what things they believe are essential to ensure new start-ups succeed
  • and how entrepreneurs are utilizing block chains to incentivize people to workout

To learn more about FitTech, click here!


Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • The future of tech in fitness, and how big of an impact it will make
  • Why the fitness industry will fall apart if they do not keep up with the trends of AI
  • How VR will help bring in a new community to fitness
  • Why incentivizing people through VR will help the population get more interested in fitness
  • How the fitness industry has profited off of individuals who don’t go to the gym
  • Why people should have the choice of when to pay foe their memberships
  • Key components in a business that will lead to venture capitalists to invest in them
  • What it takes for a business to be successful within the tech and fitness realm