Breaking the Ice - HYPERICE CEO & The Recovery Revolution.

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Breaking the Ice - HYPERICE CEO & The Recovery Revolution.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest is Jim Huether. With a deep-rooted interest in technology, innovation and building global business success, Jim Huether joined HYPERICE in 2014. At the time the company was achieving sub $1 million in annual sales. By 2020, under Jim’s leadership, the brand was raking in more than $200 million per annum in global sales and had firmly established ‘recovery’ as an exciting new growth sector.

Recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of 500 fastest growing companies in America four years on the trot, Hyperice has carved its place as a market leader not just in recovery but now in the wider Performance and Wellness Technology Space.

This month also marks the start of a partnership between Escape Fitness and Hyperice to deliver to market the new MARS Mobility and Recovery Station, offering gyms a full, in-gym recovery solution. So, great timing on this podcast!

In this episode, Jim talks through Hyperice’s journey from startup to global leader in an emerging market. Topics covered included:

  • The challenges of developing a start-up business.
  • Shifting from a compression to a technology brand.
  • Growing the brand beyond hero products.
  • Attracting the right investors.
  • Pro athlete engagement.
  • Breaking into new, complementary markets.
  • Apply data to improve performance.
  • Engagement with the gym sector.

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